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[notice of chuangji exhibition]2021 CHINAPLAS
Apr 09.2021
LOG S8 Series servo Injection Moulding Machine
Mar 17.2021
LOG Machine : 210 ton and 2 sets of 160 ton machine loading to Brazil
Feb 20.2021
LOG 2200T machine disassembling, ready to send to customer
Dec 14.2020
[notice of chuangji exhibition]2020DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo
Nov 19.2020
2020 Yuyao Plastic Expo ended successfully, a wonderful collection of Chuangji booth
Nov 10.2020
[notice of chuangji exhibition]The 22nd China (Yuyao) Plastics Expo 2020
Nov 02.2020
[The 83st CMEF Medical Equipment Expo] Wonderful collection
Oct 29.2020
[notice of chuangji exhibition] The 83rd China International Medical Equipment Expo 2020
Oct 14.2020
A new LOG 1800S8 machine will be assembled - LOG Factory
Oct 10.2020
The second China (Cangzhou) hollow products and Plastic Machinery Expo2020
Sep 23.2020
See more big injection molding machines in LOG machine's factory
Sep 07.2020
Display closely details about LOG140S9 in LOG Machine' factory
Aug 24.2020
All the packed machines will be sent abroad ——LOG injection molding machine
Aug 06.2020
The 10th China(zhengzhou) Plastic Industry Expo 2020
Jul 14.2020
LOG S9 Servo System& Energy-saving injection molding machine
Jul 01.2020
The 34th CHINAPLAS cannot be held as scheduled
Jun 03.2020
LOG Machine Tailor-madeprovide with a full set of helmet injection solutions
Jun 03.2020
Anstrength all-electric injection molding machine goes all out to help the production of nucleic acid detection sampling tubes and nucleic acid detection test tubes
Jun 03.2020
LOG machinery delivery 300 ton injection molding machine to Columbia.
Mar 13.2020
Notice:Chinaplas 2020 rescheduled to 3-6th of Aug, 2020 at NECC in Shanghai.see you then!
Mar 10.2020
Welcome to LOG MACHINE. 2020 Plastex Egypt.09-12th Jan.2020. Hall 2,D12
Jan 14.2020
Visiting customer’s factory. LOG hydraulic machines. Anstrength full-electric machines. Maritime hybrid machines.
Dec 27.2019
LOG140S9——PA + 50% gf, Mercedes door bracket !
Dec 20.2019
2019 DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo
Dec 16.2019
LOG MACHINE in Turkey plast Eurasia, Hall 14, 1417
Dec 05.2019
[notice of chuangji exhibition]2019 DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo
Nov 22.2019
2019 Yuyao Plastic Expo ended successfully, and the wonderful booth of chuangji
Nov 19.2019
[notice of chuangji exhibition] The 21st China (Yuyao) Plastics Expo
Nov 02.2019
LOG S9 Series Plastic injection molding machines. Stable. High efficient!
Oct 23.2019
LOGS9 series plastic injection molding machines put into full production!
Oct 16.2019
LOG machines will go to serve our customers!
Oct 06.2019
Full-electric molding machines—ANSTRENGTH. LOG plastic injection molding machines!
Sep 27.2019
LOG assembly line ensures the quality of machines.
Sep 02.2019
LOG 1100T two platen machine testing, be ready to send to customer.
Aug 23.2019
[notice of chuangji exhibition] The 2nd China (Dongguan) Mobile Processing Industry Expo and Electronic Cigarette Processing Exhibition
Aug 20.2019
LOG 1100Ton two platen injection molding machine
Jul 16.2019
[The 33rd Chinaplas] Wonderful Collection
May 31.2019
[The 81st CMEF Medical Equipment Expo] Wonderful collection
May 22.2019
[notice of chuangji exhibition] The 33rd Chinaplas
May 11.2019
[notice of chuangji exhibition]The 81st China International Medical Equipment Fair in 2019
May 06.2019
Schools and enterprises join hands to create a new chapter---The opening ceremony of the "LOG Mould Class" of Yuyao Vocational and Technical School was successfully completed.
Apr 25.2019
LOG2800T (3300ton injection unit) mold testing in customer’s factory, successful in first cavity, customers are very satisfied with our machine and service!
Apr 23.2019
2019 Chuangji first quarter agent training conference
Apr 22.2019
"LOG Machine" won the title of Zhejiang famous brand product
Apr 10.2019
LOG 2800ton +3300ton injection unit machine is waiting for loading.Create greater value for customers !
Apr 03.2019
LOG Machine in Brazil plastic exhibition
Mar 28.2019
LOG 170S9 showed in Brazil plastic exhibition! 32 cavities caps, 6.7 seconds cycle time! The endpoint deviation in 0.1mm!
Mar 26.2019
LOG servo machine only pursues the accuracy, the injection terminal position deviation is 0.1, there is no deviation on weight
Mar 20.2019
Tianjin International Plastic & Rubber Industry Exhibition(CPRE 2019)was held perfectly.looking forward to the next year.
Mar 12.2019
Tianjin International Plastic & Rubber Industry Exhibition(CPRE 2019)
Mar 08.2019
LOG2800 TON almost done. LOG machine, high precision,energy saving, excellent quality. We provide professional solutions for your injection molding needs!
Mar 07.2019
LOG 2800 ton clamping unit +3300 ton injection unit. Design custom machine for your needs!
Dec 18.2018
Chinaplas Advantage Business Prospects - Ningbo Chuangji Machinery Co., Ltd.
Dec 17.2018
Perfect exhibition, looking forward to the next year
Dec 10.2018
[2018 Dongguan DMP Exhibition] Wonderful Collection
Dec 01.2018
[notice of chuangji exhibition] the 20th Dongguan houjie DMP exhibition in 2018
Nov 20.2018
[2018 Yuyao Plastic Expo] Chuangji Wonderful collection
Nov 20.2018
Thanksgiving together, ready to win the future -- chuangji machinery national dealer conference a complete success.
Nov 13.2018
Samples display cabinet with high precision products
Nov 01.2018
LOG new designing machine!
Oct 17.2018
Operation point of plastic injection molding machine
Aug 28.2018
LOG Machine in the 25th America NPE Exhibition
Jul 24.2018
The 79th China International Medical Equipment Fair
Apr 04.2018
LOG Machine in the 4th Plastic Exhibition In PAKISTAN,2018
Mar 29.2018
China (tianjin) international plastic & rubber industry exhibition (cpre2018)
Mar 13.2018
LOG Machine in the 13th Plastic Exhibition In Bangladesh
Feb 28.2018
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