Chinaplas Advantage Business Prospects - Ningbo Chuangji Machinery Co., Ltd.

Chinaplas Advantage Business Prospects - Ningbo Chuangji Machinery Co., Ltd.

Chinaplas Advantage Business Prospects - Ningbo Chuangji Machinery Co., Ltd.

"Tailored, take the road of differentiation" - Ningbo Chuangji Machinery Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: 4.1E31) always uphold this concept,It now owns three brands of "LOG", "MARITIME" and "ANSTRENGTH" brand injection molding machines.To meet the ever-changing market changes and the different needs of high-level, precise and top customers,Such as COP lens, mobile phone lens, light guide plate, LED lamp head, network crystal head, electronic components, connectors and other plastic products and gas-assisted molding, water-assisted molding, micro-foam molding, in-mold labeling, in-mold decoration, powder injection molding, overmolding, ultra-thick-wall molding, multi-component technology, and various process combination lamp injection molding products.

LOG Hydraulic High-precision Injection Molding Machine is mainly used for the production of ultra-thin and micro-complex 3C electronic precision products,It is suitable for the production of precision plastic parts such as optical discs, mobile phone accessories, computer accessories, gears, connectors and optical lenses, and is particularly suitable for the production of thin-walled bodies with high dimensional accuracy and good dimensional stability.The main features of LOG Hydraulic High Precision Injection Molding Machine are:The special two-track rail structure for shooting is designed with precise guide, low resistance, fast shooting speed, and double outlet rubber injection cylinder design.The use of imported low-friction seals, small injection resistance, good sealing, and quick start-up.The injection speed reaches 220~280mm/s, and the power system is increased. The hydraulic response speed is within 30ms~50ms and the injection pressure is above 300Mpa.In order to cooperate with the high-pressure and high-speed production process, the screw barrel assembly is specially equipped with a double-bimetal barrel and a full-hard double-bimetal screw. It has a long service life and a good product stability.The template of the mold-clamping part is thickened to improve the rigidity of the mold-locking part, the deformation of the mold plate is small, the parallel deviation of the mold plate is smaller, the precision of the product is improved, the deviation of the mold opening and closing position is controlled within ±0.3 mm, and the degree of automation of the production is improved.

LOG hydraulic high-precision injection molding machine for different products, production process requirements, there are a variety of configurations and modules, for customers tailor-made high-cost high-precision special-purpose machine program.

Plastics have a very important application in the medical field. Especially in recent years, medical plastic products have been growing at a double-digit rate every year in the market. Among them, medical injection molding products have contributed the most, because injection molding products occupy medical plastic products. The most productive varieties have a share of over 70%.

The application of medical injection molding products is very extensive. According to different uses, it can be roughly divided into the following categories:Logistics, such as equipment trays, etc.; Containers, such as infusion bottles; Health care, such as fitness equipment; Organs, such as plastic joints, etc.; Surgery, such as cervical hooks; equipment, such as vaginal dilators, etc.; Classes, such as cell culture vessels, etc.; detection classes, such as insulin measuring pens, etc.; instruments, such as inhalers.

Given that some medical injection molding products have extremely stringent requirements for hygienicness and cleanliness, they must use cleanrooms when molding, and the accuracy, thinning, and high productivity requirements of medical injection molding products are all for injection molding machines, molds, and robots. The production units and their mutual matching pose challenges.

In view of the current prospects of the medical injection molding industry, the company has specially developed the Itanium all-electric medical injection molding machine series. The product has the following features for medical plastic products:

1.Fast molding cycle and stable product quality.

1) The injection speed can reach 600mm/s.

2) Acceleration to maximum speed response time is only 20ms.

3) The reproducibility of the injection position is within 0.02mm, and the rotational runout of the screw center shaft is within 0.02mm.

4) Based on an injection direct drive structure, high-response, high-speed control is achieved.

5) European servo drive, fast response, small error, excellent performance, stable operation.

6) High-precision multi-turn absolute encoders and injection pressure sensors control and stabilize fluctuations in melt, injection, hold, and back pressure to improve product molding accuracy.

7) According to the customer's production needs, equipped with a special screw, so that customers can more convenient and effective production.

8) High standard clamping force and parallelism adjustment requirements, stable clamping state, and more stable product molding.

2. According to different needs, equipped with a special clean room to avoid product contamination.

1) On the 180T-S307M medical machine, a special sealing device is installed at the four guide rods of the movable template to prevent the guide rod lubricant from contaminating the product.

2) In the 180T-S307M medical machine, the support of the movable platen was changed to a linear guide rail to prevent the accumulation of oil stains, and sealed at the same time to prevent contact with the product.

3) In the 30T-S67 medical machine, a clean room is configured at the feeding port to prevent contamination of the product.

3. Low noise, energy saving and environmental protection.

1) Parts processing and assembling accuracy are high. The friction of the machine parts during operation is small, and the whole machine has little jitter.

2) The main power structure adopts a servo motor direct drive structure, and the power transmission process consumes less energy, making maximum use of energy.

3) All the movements are driven by the motor. During operation of the servo motor, there is little noise and no oil.

4 to adapt to the requirements of the thickness of the large cavity mold and large top output requirements

1) Increase the mold thickness by 150mm compared with the traditional model, increasing the mold selection range.

2) The use of high-torque servo motors and top-exit mechanical structures that amplify the torque to meet the demand for top-notch product output.

5. Improve the service life of the mold

1) Press-centered moving plate structure, so that the clamping force is evenly distributed in the overall mold plane.

2) It has a low-pressure injection function to reduce the clamping force required for injection molding.

3) With mold protection function to prevent foreign matter from falling into the mold during the mold clamping process, causing damage to the mold.

Plastics have an extremely important application in the medical field and have achieved product innovation that other traditional materials cannot. The flexibility of plastic products in terms of shape design has led them to be increasingly used in the medical field in place of other materials. The strict health regulations and industry standards in the pharmaceutical industry have, to a certain extent, promoted the wide range of injection molding products in this field application.

1. European standard design:

1) Euromap standard for injection molding machines

2) EN201 safety standard

2. High-speed precision

1) injection speed 0.1-800mm / s, such as the use of hydraulic accumulator injection, the maximum speed up to 800mm / s

2) Injection accuracy: weight deviation of injection molded parts is 0.6%-0.3%

3) Injection position accuracy: 150mm/s within 0.1mm, high-speed injection using servo valve closed-loop control within 0.1mm

4) Maximum speed of opening/closing mold is 1500mm/s; repeatability of mold opening end point: 0-1mm; CP series uses servo valve to control repeatability: 0-0.3mm

5) Adopt high precision KEBA controller and SPC control function

6) High-response high-precision Rexroth servo pump control system

7) Adopt in-line design structure: screw, cylinder, pre-molded motor with the same axis to ensure low inertia requirements for high-speed injection molding.

8) The standard injection speed is according to the European standard, with high speed and precise position.

3. High efficiency,Energy saving

• The nozzle contact force distributes the two symmetrical cylinders evenly, and the contact force can be precisely adjusted to ensure the concentricity of the nozzle hole and the gate of the mold during high-speed injection molding.

• The shooting platform uses a full-track support structure: When it is moving, it has low frictional resistance, rapid smoothness, higher running accuracy and less energy consumption. And can make the barrel withstand heavier hopper.

• Proportional back pressure control, easy operation, more stable parameters.

• PID fuzzy optimization algorithm temperature control, material temperature accuracy: ± 1 °C.

• Different specifications of the screw L / D = 20: l, to ensure the consistency of plasticization.

• Efficient screw L/D = 24:1~28:1 to ensure high-speed plasticizing ability.

• Power adopts dual servo high-efficiency energy-saving system, output energy consumption changes with load, closed-loop control of pressure and speed, efficient inlet cooler, infrared heating control, and multiple energy-saving effects.

4. Stable and clean

• The newly optimized 5-point double-arm high rigidity clamping unit guarantees smoothness at high speeds. It is especially suitable for high speed and high pressure work that is 24 hours a day.

• Pin shaft guide, tie rod guide sleeve and moving plate slide are made of copper material with low friction coefficient. With volumetric grease lubrication system, only 1000-1500 mold lubrication is needed, which saves oil. And the clamping area is quite clean.

• The nearest hydraulic control and high-precision control system make the moving plate reach the maximum moving speed of 1500mm/s and the positioning is accurate.

• European-style ejector structure, large space, easy to install the mold.

5. Automation

• Reliable and intelligent control systems are extremely easy with high-precision rapid prototyping.

• Powerful software control features enable complex processes to be implemented with simple operations

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