Servo Injection Molding Machine
Servo injection molding machine is equipped with an advanced servo system. Compared with ordinary injection molding machines, our servo injection molding machine has improved production efficiency, precision and durability. Reduce energy consumption (energy consumption can be reduced by 35%-75%), extend the service life of the machine, and reduce maintenance costs.
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The First Advantage
The increased width of high-rigidity platen produces a super-large tie bar space, allowing installation of bigger molds. Therefore, the molding system is more cost-effective for its wider applications.
The Second Advantage
The second advantage is the improvements at injection unit. The double-cylinder design generates super-large injecting pressure. It facilitates the process of parameters control, and improves the surfacefinishing of products, both interior qualit and dimensional precision.
The Third Advantage
The third advantage is the enlarged power units, which increases pump flow and operating speed.
Servo Injection Molding Machine Overview
Clamping Unit                         Injection Unit                         Control System                         Servo Energy Saving System
Servo Injection Molding Machine Products
Clamping Unit
Flexible, Stable and Efficient
Excellent injection molding structure design improves wear resistance, and the response ratemakes the structure stable and simple, providing injection stability under complex process conditions, effectively improving high cleanliness, and high injection molding success rate.
Injection Unit
High Quality and Low Consumption
The unique design of the servo injection molding machine ensures the precision and rigidity of the linkage mechanism and improves the service life of the linkage mechanism. The unique noise reduction treatment and oil cleaning system make the machine run smoothly and quietly, ensure the service life of hydraulic parts, and make the working environment more comfortable.
Control System
Highly User-friendly, Easy to Operate
LOG servo injection molding machine is equipped with a user-friendly computer interface, which is easy to operate, and the operation box can be rotated for easy operation. Optimized electrical design, fast response and reliable control.
Servo Energy Saving System
Perfect Synchronization, More Energy Saving
Servo injection molding machine realizes real-time monitoring of various signals such as actual pressure, flow rate, drive output current, and load rate through high-speed bus communication. The servo-specific control technology is adopted to realize the perfect synchronization of the servo oil pump control and achieve the perfect effect of multi-oil confluence pump.
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