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Auto Parts Injection Molding Solutions

Injection molding plays an important role in the manufacture of components and products in the automotive industry for several basic and key reasons. For example, it is an ideal way to mass-produce precision, high-quality plastic automotive parts that are lighter and more durable than metal parts produced by traditional means. The process is known to be highly consistent, reliable, and with experienced and skilled suppliers, it is ideal for producing geometrically complex parts. The process itself is easy to describe: molten plastic is injected into custom molds to mass-produce solid pieces. But executing this process is far from simple.


Advantages of Injection Molding for Automotive Applications

Here are a few reasons why this process is beneficial for the production of automotive plastic parts:

  1. Repeatability

    In the automotive industry, repeatability (or the ability to consistently produce the same part) is critical. Because automotive plastic injection molding typically relies on a solid metal mold, the final molded automotive part produced using that mold is virtually identical. Several factors are associated with injection molding, but injection molding is a highly repeatable process if the mold is well designed and finished.

  2. Scale and cost

    The injection mold manufacturing process can be an expensive process due to the cost of the mold. However, it is still a highly scalable process, and its overall cost decreases as the manufacturer manufactures more parts. For mass production applications, injection molding is therefore beneficial to manufacturers. However, for any product that is not mass produced, injection mold costs can inhibit the cost efficiency of the process.

  3. Material Availability

    A significant benefit of using injection molding in automotive production is the wide range of rigid, flexible and rubber plastics that the process is compatible with. Manufacturers use a variety of different polymers in various applications in the automotive industry, including ABS, polypropylene, acrylic, acetal, nylon, polycarbonate, and more.

  4. High precision and surface finish

    Injection molding is ideal for producing plastic parts with relatively simple geometries and high surface finish quality. Manufacturers have many finishing options when producing parts, including various surface textures (such as glossy, rough, or matte), which are applied directly to the mold rather than molding the part. However, different plastic materials can also affect the final surface finish.

  5. Color Options

    In automotive plastic injection molding, it is easy to modify the color of molded automotive parts to suit the vehicle's color scheme. Unlike other processes, injection molding allows you to mix dyes with raw material pellets before manufacturing begins. This produces a solid, consistent color without the need to paint or tint after molding is complete.

  6. Rapid Prototyping Using Rapid Tools

    While automakers widely use injection molding to mass-produce auto parts, they also use it as a prototyping tool. By using rapid tooling (usually through additive manufacturing or CNC machining) to create fast, low-cost aluminum molds, auto moldmakers can complete low-volume production of prototype molded auto parts faster than traditional (steel) molds.


Production Application of Automotive Injection Molding

In the automotive sector, injection molding is one of the main methods manufacturers use to mold plastic parts. However, it's difficult to list the plastic parts in a car produced using injection molding, so we'll look at some of the main ones.

  • Panels

    Lenses, bezels, knobs, assemblies, door handles and handle assemblies, housings, sunroof components, etc.

  • Under the hood

    Oil pan, fan and fan cover, radiator end tank, etc.

  • Exterior

    Fenders, grilles, bumpers, door panels, floor rails, light covers, skid plates and wheel trim

  • Interior

    Air vents, glove box, door handles, dashboard panels and instrument parts


LOG machine technical advantages

  • Reliable quality

    With LOG Machine technology, plastic products can be produced that set new standards in terms of surface finish and functional integration.

  • Optimize costs

    Flexible, energy-efficient injection molding machines for all types of parts will provide you with huge cost benefits.

  • Groundbreaking design

    Maximum ability to provide solutions with the latest technology and capable partners

  • Tailored Solutions

    Complete production solutions from small parts to large equipment

  • Maximum output

    Extremely short cycle times and stable processes for very large batches

  • Low "life cycle cost"

    Injection molding machines for individual products with high-quality, durable components


At LOG Machine, we support customers in many industries, including the home appliance industry. With a robust and highly scalable solution, as a leading injection molding machine manufacturer in China, we are ready to put projects into practice. Contact us today for a free quote on your project.

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