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[notice of chuangji exhibition] The 33rd Chinaplas

May 11.2019

        The 33rd Chinaplas will be held at Guangzhou Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center from May 21st to 24th, bringing together more than 4,000 exhibitors from around the world, covering plastic packaging, automotive, construction, electronic information, electrical appliances, medical and other industries. 

        NINGBO CHUANGJI MACHINERY CO.,LTD is a professional enterprise of  high-tech  injection molding machine. Since LOG officially came out to the market in 2007, the company's sales network has already throughout the world. The company always adhere to the "focus, profession, concentration " management philosophy,and provide consumers with better products and services.

Exhibition information




        LOG S9 series high-end servo injection molding machine, in line with European standards, after optimization of the whole machine, S9 series injection molding machine has improved the internal distance of the rod than the S8 series injection molding machine, and has both the opening and closing precision and the injection speed. Greatly improved, with more powerful injection capabilities and more diverse product support.

Maritime KM350-S307M

        The Maritime Oil & Electric mixed version combines the characteristics of traditional hydraulic injection molding machine and all-electric injection molding machine with low energy consumption and high precision of high-speed injection, to meet the high requirements of customers for various products.

Anstrength 185T-S175U

        Direct drive structure, high response speed, opening and closing mode stop accuracy up to 0.02mm, focusing on optical, precision electronics, medical, precision connectors and other high-precision products manufacturing industry, model clamping force covers 30T-380T. Its excellent precision and high rate of fire make it a leader in the high-end machine industry. It is currently the leading domestic direct-drive all-electric injection molding machine product brand.






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Since LOG was officially listed in 2007, the company's sales network has spread all over the world.
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