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[2018 Yuyao Plastic Expo] Chuangji Wonderful collection

Nov 20.2018

[2018 Yuyao Plastic Expo] Chuangji Wonderful collection

        On November 7-10, 2018, the 20th Yuyao Plastic Expo was held in Yuyao Zhongsu International Convention and Exhibition Center. As a high-tech enterprise specializing in plastic injection molding machinery. Since the official launch of the LOG brand in 2007, Chuangji Machinery has won numerous industry honors. This year, its K-series hybrid injection molding machine was officially established as a municipal key project. LOG full range of injection molding machines are rated as Zhejiang famous brand products.

        The company always adheres to the management principle of “focus, professionalism and concentration”, strong independent research and development and strict quality supervision system, which makes the company brand have a good reputation in the market.

        Please follow the small series below to feel the hot atmosphere.

                      On the day of the launch, the Chuangji booth gathered a large audience.

                             The Itanium Minister accepted an interview with the media

                                              Chuangji Exhibition Stand is full of guests

                       K series hybrid injection molding machine making six  cavities of milky cup

For more live highlights, watch the video below

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