All-Electric Injection Molding Machine
Anstrength is the all-electric injection molding machine brand, focusing on the manufacturing of high-precision products such as optics, precision electronics, medical care and precision connectors. Clamping force covers 30T-380T. Its excellent accuracy and high injection speed make it at the top of the high-end machine industry. It is currently the leading direct-drive all-electric injection molding machine brand.
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All-Electric Injection Molding Machine Overview
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All-Electric Injection Molding Machine Products
Direct Drive Mechanism
Highly responsive and high speed injection control is achieved with direct-drive structure mechanism as the core of the injection High response ,low inertia servo motor with corresponding low inertia load design to achieve the aim of the actual closed cycle and high acceleration. Applied rotation mechanism for the injection unit,which is more convenient for disassembling screw components and effectively reduce the operation time. Equipped with high-precision encoder and injection pressure sensor,which could control screw position with accuracy and stabilize rubber melting,injection .pressure holding and back pressure operation.
Injection Speed Controlled
Applied low inertia load design which could strengthen basic characteristics of injection speed responsiveness and low speed injection traceability.
Optimized Plate
Stress concentration plate design unifies clamping force of the mold bears.improving the issues of inadequate venting and nonuniform of pressure on mold surface.what occurs on traditional toggle machines,significantly increasing the mold service life.
Screw Options
Use the most suitable screw components corresponding to the special requirement of resins of various type, to improve product quality and extend the service life of the equipment.
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