S9 series
High-end Precision Servo Injection Moulding Machine
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Advantages of our servo injection molding machines
Appearance and operation are more user-friendly
The mold opening speed is faster, and the rigidity of the whole machine is larger
Modular combination is more convenient
Effectively prevent nozzle leakage
Clamping Unit
01 Conjoined toggle
02 High-hardness Platen
03 Platen Flange
04 Gear-adjusting ring
05 Graphite Bush
Toggle adopting the conjoined structure, improving the hardness of toggle, ensuring the uniform of toggle manufacture-size, minimizing the gap between pipe and pin, improve the accuracy and application life of toggle.
Enlarge the injection cylinder, the large model adopts the structure of double injection cylinder, which can effectively prevent the injection nozzle from leaking glue due to machine vibration and other reasons when the machine is running at high speed.
The injection guide bush adopts graphite bushing, which improves the wear resistance of the bushing, reduces the frequency of adding lubrication to the bushing, and effectively improves the cleanliness of the injection parts.
The injection cylinder and injection cylinder are sealed with low friction, which improves the injection response rate and provides injection stability under complex process conditions.
The overall design of the bridge-type injection platform is suitable for plasticizing parts with different aspect ratios.
Injection Unit
01 Sturdy Double-cylinder Injection
02 Balanced Double-cylinder Design
03 Tail Plate Flange
04 Low-frictional aeals
05 Moveable Bridge-style Rack
The front connecting rod adopts a conjoined structure to improve the rigidity of the connecting rod and ensure the consistency of the processing size of the connecting rod. The clearance between the pin and the cylinder liner can be reduced. Ensure the accuracy of the linkage mechanism and improve the service life of the linkage mechanism.
The clamping head plate adopts a box-type structure design, and the thickness of the template and the internal reinforcing ribs are thickened to improve the rigidity of the head plate and more effectively reduce the bending deformation of the tie rod when it is stressed.
The unique design of the tail plate flange of the servo injection molding machine, when the tail plate is deformed by force, through the support of the tail plate flange and the tie rod, a moment opposite to the deformation of the tail plate is generated, thereby reducing the deformation of the tail plate.
The gear mold adjustment structure has high repeatability and high mold adjustment force.
The hydraulic control structure has a reasonable design and a high degree of integration. The unique noise reduction treatment makes the machine run smoothly and quietly, making the working
Servo Drive Features
1.High-speed communication via bus to realize the actual pressure, the flow of real-time monitoring of multiple signals, driver output current, load rate. 2.Medium-sized syringe of dual-pump or multiple-pump confluence way, using a special servo control technology to achieve the perfect synchronization control of servo and oil pump, to achieve the perfect confluence of multiple oil pumps.
Energy Saving Effect Test Cases
Test product: snack box
Material: PP
Weight: 21g
Wall thickness: 0.43mm
Number of holes: 2 Cavities
Test condition
Three sets machines
Same oil pump displacement
Same settings
Processing several hours
Processing several hours
Oil temperature hold on 40 degrees
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