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What Is the Injection Molding Machine Price

Nov 04.2021

What Is The Cost of The Plastic Injection Molding Machine?

Many people want to figure out the price of a plastic injection molding machine before investing or starting production. There is no doubt that this is very important. After all, investing in plastic injection molding machine is not a small expense. Choosing the right injection molding machine can save a lot of cost. So today we will discuss the price of plastic injection molding machine and the factors that affect it.

The price of a plastic injection molding machine varies greatly depending on the size of the machine required and the specific application. In fact, this question is similar to how much it price you to buy a car. For example: do you want an SUV or a sedan; automatic or manual transmission; electric vehicles or gasoline vehicles; Volkswagen or Mercedes-Benz; and so on.

Read this guide, I hope it will help your business.


Different Grades of Injection Molding Machine Price

We don’t talk too much nonsense, just let you know what you care about most. The price of a general-purpose plastic injection molding machine of 80T-200T (which is the most common size in the world) may be in the following range:

  • Low-end 18,000-30,000 USD
  • Mid-range market $28,000-$60,000
  • High-end 75,000-250,000 USD

Special reminder, some special and large injection molding machines may exceed one million dollars.

Next, let’s discuss some big and detailed factors


How to choose plastic injection molding machine

There is no doubt that before purchasing a plastic injection molding machine, we must first determine what kind of plastic injection molding machine we need. Choose the appropriate plastic injection molding machine specifications to compare prices and finally reach a cooperation. Therefore, it is very important to understand how to choose a plastic injection molding machine.

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The Main Factors Affecting the Price of Plastic Injection Molding Machine

The price of a plastic injection molding machine depends on size, manufacturer, design, age and parts and equipment. plastic injection molding machine has few key specifications to determine the price of what you are really looking for.

  • Size

    Generally speaking, the bigger the more expensive.

    Clamping tonnage-this is a reference for the size of the machine, expressed by the tonnage of the force used to clamp the mold together during the production process. Can range from 10T (or even smaller) to 2500-3000T

    Small models with a clamping force of about 100 tons are more affordable. If you can buy a car, you can buy an injection molding machine. In the range of more than 1,000 tons, in some places, you can have a comfortable house for the price. I will not give any exact figures here because the prices vary greatly.

  • Manufacturer

    Research and development are mainly concentrated in international brands. Brands such as Arburg, Engel, Nissei, Husky and other brands have introduced new features, such as better clamping systems, platen design, barrel screw and injection with high-end motors and drives The system can increase the repeatability to 0.001g, which is very rare in ordinary commercial-grade machines. The costs associated with these are also considerable. Similarly, if you choose a Chinese brand, they will mass-produce products of sufficient quality, suitable for typical non-critical general-purpose applications used in the market, and are extremely cost-effective.

    For example, compared with China's plastic injection molding machine for the same type of injection molding machine, the plastic injection molding machine of a Japanese manufacturer requires a much higher budget.

  • Design

    Different types of injection molding machines may have a very large price gap, such as hydraulic injection molding machines, servo injection molding machines, and all-electric injection molding machines. Their price gaps are very large; high-speed injection molding machines, high-precision injection molding machines, or other special injection molding machines. There are also a lot of gaps in the price.

    From pure hydraulic systems to variable displacement pumps, servo motors and full motors, there are many options to choose from. It is usually determined by the end use. For example, low capital expenditure investments in commercial household items such as buckets and cups will go to the cheapest hydraulic press. A better brand with deeper pockets would consider variable pump injection molding machines or servo injection molding machines to save power consumption during mass production. Medical companies that require clean room processes need all-electric settings.

    Here I recommend you to make a horizontal comparison of the same type with multiple injection molding machine manufacturers, you can get a more intuitive understanding

  • Years

    The second mobile phone will definitely have a price advantage. You can own cheaper second-hand machines. But there is no doubt that in real life, the benefits of a brand-new injection molding machine must be greater than that of a second-hand one. If you can't afford a decent new machine, it will be difficult for you to survive with the old machine, because spare parts bring a fortune, especially if you don't have a good mechanic.

  • Parts equipment

    Parts and equipment will also directly affect the price of plastic injection molding machine. Next, we will talk in detail about how parts affect injection molding machines.


Plastic Injection Molding Machine Parts Affect Price

The more complex features, thin walls, and difficult-to-form features (undercuts, etc.) of plastic injection molding machine parts, the more complex and precise the mold. This pushes up price.

  1. Required tolerance

    If the parts have some particularly strict tolerances, the mold will have to be "modified" to the specifications, which may be a time-consuming process and increase price.

  2. Allowable visual defect level

    If your parts require smooth or specially textured surfaces, they will need to be polished or applied to molds after processing, which will also increase price. The more areas you can allow for imperfect finishes, the lower the price.

  3. Where is the mold produced

    Like anything else, labor price are included in total price. Mold factories like China usually produce almost the same molds at a much lower price than American mold factories.

  4. The overall size of the part

    The larger the mold, the more materials are needed, the longer the processing time, and the higher the price.

  5. Number of parts required for production

    Small parts produced in large quantities are usually molded in "multi-cavity" molds. Each time a single cavity mold is run, it will produce a part. Each time a multi-cavity mold is run, it can produce multiple parts, thereby reducing the price of parts, but it will increase the complexity and price of the mold. Although the part size is a factor relative to the molding capacity, it is mainly a balance between the price of each part and the price of the mold.

  • The material used to make the part

    Certain materials have special requirements for heating, cooling, venting, and drawing (the angle on the mold makes the part easier to demold). The material that needs to be cooled means that a cooling line needs to be built in the mold, which increases the cost.


Our Suggestion

We have the following 3 suggestions, I hope to help you.

1. Calculate operating cost

When you estimate the price of plastic injection molding machine, you must consider the subsequent operating costs. Machines are only part of the equation; the others are tools, raw materials, equipment, and people. Once you underestimate one of them, your performance will be greatly reduced.

Different types of injection molding machines have completely different operation, maintenance, and additional costs. Compared to hydraulic injection molding machines, all-electric injection molding machines may be a better investment because you will run them uninterrupted.

You can click to read this article to understand the difference between an all-electric injection molding machine and a hydraulic injection molding machine.

2. More quantity, more discount

There is no doubt that the more you order, the higher the discount you will get. This is common sense.

3. Choose a Chinese plastic injection molding machine manufacturer

In my opinion, there is no perfect machine, but there are many substandard brands. I don’t believe that expensive brands are worth the money you pay for them, but I know that cheap brands tend to be worse in many ways. Therefore, we recommend that you choose Chinese high-quality brand injection molding machines, such as Haitian, Log Machine, and so on. These Chinese injection molding machine brands often rely on excellent quality and cheaper prices to gain a foothold in the market. And Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers are constantly developing towards high-end, which is a big trend.

Click to read the development trend of China injection molding machine.


The above are the factors that affect the price of plastic injection molding machine and the suggestions we give you. I hope it will be helpful to you.

Welcome to visit our injection molding machine website:https://www.log-machine.com/

If you have any questions, you can contact us.

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