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Injection Molding Machine Maintenance: What You Need to Know

Jul 13.2021
Injection molding machines are one of the commonly used equipment in the plastics processing industry and usually require long hours of work. Injection molding machines are costly. In order to ensure the continuous production of the injection molding machine in normal and stable work, both the injection molding machine manufacturer and the user are worth working hard to solve the problem. Therefore, it is very important to carry out reasonable maintenance during production and use.
In the production process, many manufacturers often neglect maintenance because of the revenue and maintenance costs generated by the production, knowing that a failure has caused a loss. Therefore, a dedicated person must be arranged to be responsible for maintenance to ensure that the work is effectively completed as planned. It is necessary to record completed projects so that they can be evaluated accordingly in the future.
We introduce the maintenance of the injection molding machine from the following points.
injection molding machine

Hydraulic System

Insufficient fuel is likely to cause the oil temperature to rise, and air is easily mixed into the oil and hydraulic oil, which affects the normal operation of the system. Insufficient fuel is usually caused by years of disrepair. This routine should pay attention to no leakage. Check the site and replace the wear as soon as possible. Seal and tighten loose joints in time, repair fuel and check consumables.
Since the hydraulic system is designed according to the viscosity and pressure of the oil, the viscosity will change with the change of the oil level, which will affect the working parts of the system, such as cylinders, hydraulic valves, etc., and reduce the control accuracy and response sensitivity. The situation is worse. Temperature will also accelerate the aging of the seal, making it harder and break; if the temperature is too low, the processing energy consumption will be large, and the operating speed will decrease. Therefore, it is very necessary to pay close attention to the temperature of the hydraulic oil during work. The reasons for high oil temperature vary, but most of them are attributed to malfunctions or malfunctions of the oil cooling system.
Pay attention to the following points:
Keep the pressure and temperature of the injection molding machine between 30°C and 50°C. 60°C or above may cause the pressure oil to deteriorate due to oxidation.
Use appropriate hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil, and check the degree of oxidation regularly (the color of the oil varies from dark to certain). It is absolutely necessary to actively change the oil after a certain working time.
Check whether there is water leakage inside the oil cooler to prevent the cooling water from leaking into the oil cylinder. It is recommended to clean the oil cooler every 6 months.
The pressure oil is replaced every 3000-4000 hours of operation of the injection molding machine, and the oil net in the oil tank is removed and cleaned.
If the valve core is blocked by foreign matter and the oil valve fails, remove the valve core, clean it with diesel or kerosene (or clean pressure oil), and remove the foreign matter with compressed air. Unless it is confirmed that the foreign body is blocked and the injection molding machine is malfunctioning, do not disassemble the oil valve at will.
injection molding machine

Electrical Parts

  1. Safety

    When checking the high-voltage parts in the machine, do not turn on the power of the machine unless it is necessary.

  2. Wire connector inspection

    The connector will not be tightened. The wires at the connector location may be damaged by heat or sparks. A bad connector will also affect signal transmission; due to vibration and electromagnetic release, the contactor connector is easier to move. Therefore, it is necessary to check the position of the cable connector and tighten it regularly.

  3. Motor

    General-purpose motors are air-cooled, and dust accumulation can cause heating problems, so they must be cleaned regularly every year. The motor overload cut-off device is usually installed in the circuit. The current limit of the protection device is adjustable. The electric power should be appropriately selected. Once the overload protection is activated, be sure to check whether there is phase loss, poor contact or high oil temperature after passing the position switch.

  4. Heating tube and thermocouple

    The heating tube should be fixed on the inspection to ensure effective heat transfer. The heat in a normal combustion cylinder is imperceptible. Pay attention to the working condition of the thermostat and judge whether it is normal from the heating tube.

  5. Electromagnetic contactor

    Contactors should be actively inspected and replaced in time due to frequent electric shock movement and rapid wear.

  6. Computer control

    The application of computer control technology in injection molding machines, parts and related auxiliary microcomputer electronic boards has very high requirements. Keep the ventilating fan of the control box working normally, use high-precision voltage stabilizing equipment to supply power, reduce the vibration of the control box to the outside, and check it regularly.

injection molding machine

Mechanical Part

  1. Template parallel

    Familiar people should adjust the steps of the template in parallel, otherwise improper adjustment may damage the machine. Set the mold clamping stroke at the most suitable position to reduce the impact on the machine during mold clamping. Do not close the mold when the working pressure is insufficient or excessive. Do not run the fixture at too fast speed when adjusting the mold.

  2. Mold thickness adjustment

    Use the system to adjust the thickness of the mold regularly. The thickness of the module is adjusted from the thickest to the thinnest to ensure the stability and long-term production of the same mold. This check must be performed to avoid failure.

  3. Clamping hinge

    The long service life of the clamping hinge does not mean that the hinge does not require maintenance. Generally, each moving part should be properly lubricated (with lubricating oil or oil) to ensure that the service life of the hinge will not be shortened due to wear.

  4. Bearing inspection

    When the bearing is working, it makes an abnormal noise or the internal temperature rises, indicating that the bearing has been worn out. It should be checked or replaced in time, and grease should be added.

  5. Injection system

    Keep the guide rod on the injection platform lubricated and clean. Keep the surface of the injection platform clean and dry. Do not add materials other than plastics, paints and additives to the hopper. When using recycled plastics, be sure to put the magnetic hopper bracket into the hopper to prevent metal chips from entering the furnace.

Follow the plastic supplier and injection molding machine manufacturer's instructions to replace the plastic and clean the furnace.


When the production line is under pressure and needs to deliver a large number of orders, even the completion of regular maintenance can help meet customer needs. In the long run, in addition to increasing costs, delayed maintenance will also start to bring costs to customers, including time and quality of production parts. Therefore, regular maintenance is very important to ensure that customers do not feel that there is a problem with the injection molding machine.

If you have more questions about the maintenance of the injection molding machine, you can contact us and we will give you the most professional answer.

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