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High Speed Injection Molding Machines: Everything You Need to Know

Jun 16.2023

High Speed Injection Molding Machines

As the key equipment in modern manufacturing industry, high-speed injection molding machine plays an important role in the field of plastic product production. They quickly and precisely inject molten plastic into molds to create complex plastic parts and products of all shapes and sizes. As the market demand for high-quality, high-efficiency production continues to grow, it is essential to understand the working principle, advantages, maintenance and maintenance of high-speed injection molding machines, as well as the key factors for selection and purchase. This article will delve into the relevant knowledge of high-speed injection molding machines, providing you with a comprehensive and detailed guide to help you understand and apply this advanced injection molding technology.


1. What is a high-speed injection molding machine?

High-speed injection molding machine is a kind of injection molding equipment specially used for rapid production of plastic products. It adopts advanced injection molding technology and efficient working method, featuring fast injection speed and short cycle time. High-speed injection molding machines can complete the injection molding process in a shorter period of time, thereby increasing production efficiency and reducing production costs.High Speed Injection Molding Machines

High-speed injection molding machines are usually equipped with high-speed injection devices and optimized hydraulic systems to achieve fast and accurate plastic injection. It also has fast mold opening and closing speeds and high-frequency cycle capabilities, making continuous injection molding production possible. High-speed injection molding machines are usually used to produce plastic products that require large quantities, high precision and high quality, such as electronic product casings, auto parts, medical devices and consumer products.

The key technologies of high-speed injection molding machines include precise temperature control, precise pressure control, high-speed screw injection molding system and high-response hydraulic system. The application of these technologies enables high-speed injection molding machines to complete the injection molding cycle in a short time, improve production efficiency, and ensure the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the product.


2. Working principle of high-speed injection molding machine

  • mold closure

First, the two halves of the mold are tightly closed together, either hydraulically or mechanically, to form an injection cavity. Mold selection and installation are critical to the quality and efficiency of the injection molding process.

  • injection molding

After the mold is closed, plastic granules or granular plastic raw materials are fed into the injection molding screw through the feeding system of the injection molding machine. The injection molding screw rotates and pushes the plastic material forward while increasing temperature and pressure. After the plastic melts and reaches a certain state, the injection screw injects the plastic into the mold cavity.

  • cool down

Once the plastic fills the mold cavity, the injection screw stops feeding and starts to wait for a certain cooling time to ensure that the plastic solidifies and solidifies in the mold. The length of cooling time depends on the nature of the plastic and the requirements of the product.

  • mold opening

After the cooling time is over, the hydraulic system or mechanical mechanism of the injection molding machine will open the mold and remove the solidified plastic product from the mold. How quickly the mold opens can affect the cycle time and productivity of the injection molding machine.

  • machine cycle time

A complete injection molding cycle includes the steps of mold closing, injection molding, cooling and mold opening. The advantage of high-speed injection molding machines is their ability to complete these steps in shorter cycle times, increasing productivity and throughput.


3. Advantages of high-speed injection molding machine

  • Improvement in production efficiency

The high-speed injection molding machine has a short injection cycle time and can complete the injection molding process in a shorter time. This means that more plastic products can be produced per hour, increasing production efficiency and output.High Speed Injection Molding Machines

  • Improvement of yield rate

The high-speed injection molding machine has more precise temperature and pressure control during the injection molding process, which can reduce the defect and defective rate of plastic products. Its high-speed injection and precise control system contribute to consistent product quality.

  • saving cost

Due to the high efficiency and high output of high-speed injection molding machines, more products can be produced per unit time, thereby reducing the production cost of each product. In addition, scrap and rework costs are reduced due to improved yield.

  • Increased Design Freedom

High-speed injection molding machines can achieve faster injection speeds and short cycle times, allowing for greater design flexibility. It can meet the requirements of products with complex shapes and rich details, providing more design freedom.

  • Optimization of resource utilization

The high-speed injection molding machine adopts advanced injection molding technology and precise control system, which can reduce the waste of plastic raw materials and energy consumption. It enables more efficient use of resources and reduces the environmental impact of the production process.


4. Maintenance and maintenance of high-speed injection molding machine

  • Lubrication and Cleaning

Regularly check and maintain the lubrication system to ensure that the various moving parts and transmission systems of the injection molding machine are well lubricated. At the same time, regularly clean the outside and inside of the injection molding machine to remove plastic residue and other dirt.

  • Parts Inspection and Replacement

Regularly check the key parts of the injection molding machine, such as injection screw, mold, heater, cooler, pressure sensor, etc., to ensure that they are in good condition. If there are worn, damaged or aged parts, replace them in time.

  • Troubleshooting and Fixing

For common faults, such as temperature control failure, abnormal pressure, leakage, etc., timely eliminate and repair them. Regularly check the operating status of the electrical system, hydraulic system and control system to ensure that they are working properly.

  • Regular Calibration and Adjustment

Regularly calibrate and adjust the parameters of the injection molding machine, including temperature, pressure, injection speed, mold opening and closing speed, etc. Ensure that the operating parameters of the injection molding machine are consistent with the product requirements to ensure stable production quality.

  • Safety Equipment Inspection

Regularly check and test the safety devices of the injection molding machine, such as protective doors, safety light curtains, emergency stop buttons, etc. Ensure safety equipment is reliable and effective to avoid accidents.


5. How to choose and purchase a high-speed injection molding machine?

  • Production Demand Analysis

First of all, you need to clarify your own production needs, including the type, size, and output of the required products. Determine the specifications and performance requirements of the injection molding machine according to the production needs.High Speed Injection Molding Machines

  • Performance parameter considerations

When selecting and purchasing a high-speed injection molding machine, there are several factors to consider. First, conduct production demand analysis to clarify the type, quantity and specification of the products to be produced. Then, focus on performance parameters such as injection capacity, injection pressure, injection speed, and pressure retention. At the same time, the control system, energy consumption and efficiency, reliability and stability, and safety performance of the injection molding machine should be considered. Also, choose a supplier with good brand reputation and technical support, taking cost and budget into consideration. Through comprehensive analysis and evaluation, select a high-speed injection molding machine that meets production needs, has excellent performance, and reliable quality, so as to improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, and meet market demand.

  • Brand and Supplier Selection

When selecting and purchasing high-speed injection molding machines, the choice of brands and suppliers is very important. First of all, to choose a supplier with a good brand reputation and high recognition, you can evaluate the performance of different brands through market feedback and customer evaluation.

Secondly, it is necessary to consider the technical strength and technical support capabilities of suppliers to ensure that they can provide advanced technical solutions and comprehensive after-sales services.

In addition, suppliers should have a strict quality control system and reliable after-sales service to ensure stable quality of the high-speed injection molding machines provided. On the basis of comprehensive consideration of cost-effectiveness, you can visit the supplier's production base to further understand its production process and quality control measures. By comprehensively considering the above factors and comparing with multiple suppliers, choosing the right brand and supplier will provide you with high-quality high-speed injection molding machines and excellent after-sales service to meet your production needs.

  • Cost-benefit analysis

When conducting a cost-benefit analysis, multiple factors need to be considered. The first is the equipment price. It is necessary to compare the prices of high-speed injection molding machines provided by different suppliers, and consider their performance and quality.

The second is production efficiency, choose a high-efficiency injection molding machine that can increase output and reduce production costs. Energy consumption is also an important consideration, and choosing more energy-efficient equipment can reduce energy consumption and associated costs. In addition, maintenance and upkeep costs, service life and durability, the cost of supporting equipment and accessories, and supplier service and support also need to be considered.

By comprehensively considering these factors and conducting a cost-benefit analysis, a high-speed injection molding machine that meets the budget, superior performance, and high long-term returns is selected to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and achieve long-term sustainable development.



The application of high-speed injection molding machines has brought revolutionary changes to the production of plastic products. By understanding and mastering the relevant knowledge of high-speed injection molding machines, enterprises can make better use of this advanced technology, enhance their competitiveness, and adapt to the rapid changes in the market. If you are looking for a suitable high-speed injection molding machine manufacturer, please contact us!

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