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Choose Injection Molding Machine: Price Guide

Sep 28.2022

injection molding machine price

Buying an injection molding machine is an expensive investment. The huge equipment investment and post-operation costs are huge. When starting your injection molding business, the factors that affect the price of injection molding machines are what you must understand.


The cost of an injection molding machine varies widely depending on the size of the machine required and the specific application considered.

Likewise, plastic injection molding machines don't have a few key specs to determine the cost of knowing what you really need:

Dimensions, manufacturers, designs and energy cost.


Injection Molding Machine Size

Bigger is more expensive. A small clamping force of about 100 tons is more affordable. If you can buy a car, you can buy an injection molding machine.

A large brand-name injection molding machine will even cost more than one million.

It's hard to give any exact numbers here because prices vary widely.

For example: injection molding opportunities for Japanese manufacturers require much higher budgets than Chinese hydraulic or hybrid machines.

In theory, you could have a cheaper used machine. In real life, if you can't afford a decent new machine, you'll have a hard time surviving with an old one because maintenance is a drain, especially if you don't have a good mechanic.

If you have the budget to hire a great mechanic, buying a brand new injection molding machine should be more than enough.


Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer

Most of the R&D happens at the big brands, Arburg, Engel, Husky's R&D investment is unquestionable, such as better clamping system, platen design, barrel screw and injection system with high-end motors and drives, which can improve the availability Repeatability to 0.001g, they do have an advantage in performance. However, these additional costs are also considerable. Also, if you choose Chinese brands, they mass produce them in sufficient quality for typical non-critical general purpose applications used in the market, which are extremely cost effective.


Injection Molding Machine Design

  • Clamping tonnage

    This is a reference to machine size and is represented by how many tons of force are applied to clamp the mold together during production. It can go from 10T (or even smaller) to 2500-3000T or even higher. Tonnage and price are proportional.

  • Motors and Drives

    There are many options to choose from, from purely hydraulic systems to variable displacement pumps, servo motors and all-electric machines. It is usually determined by the end use. For example, low capital expenditure investments in commercial household items like buckets and cups will go to the cheapest hydraulic presses. Better brands with bigger pockets will focus on VDP or servo based machines to save on power consumption costs when mass-producing. Medical companies that require cleanroom processes require an all-electric setup.

injection molding machine price


An injection molding machine is not just a purchase, it is an investment. As with any investment, you want to know what your return will be. What is the value of the machine to your overall operation? Where is your break-even point? Will the machine pay for itself within a year? two years?

A variety of criteria should be used in making a cost justification assessment. Some people make decisions purely based on the price of the injection molding machine, without considering the "cost" of the machine. The price is what you pay for the machine right now. Cost is what you pay for the machine over the long term, including things like energy usage and maintenance.

Several factors must be considered to determine the return on investment (ROI) of a press. One of the biggest factors driving investment in machinery is energy usage. Energy costs are estimated to be around 5% to 7% of a moldmaker's total operating budget. Considering the amount of energy a typical 15 printing plant can consume, energy has become a huge cost issue. The AC variable speed pump and motor available on most newer equipment, and as a retrofit on older equipment, can save energy by using it only during machine cycles.

Other investment factors include the performance history of the machine under consideration; step-by-step repeatability; and whether the machine is geared toward high-volume, high-speed applications or low-volume, slow-cycle requirements. Ultimately, at the end of the day, what is its yield? Determining your ROI depends on the application. Some things can be quantified up front, some can't until the mold is in the press and the part is running.



Careful consideration of your options will give your business a better prospect. If you're looking for the right injection molding machine, check out Log Machine's range of injection molding machines.

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