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AD 30 Ton

AD 30 Ton
AD 30 Ton
AD 30 Ton
AD 30 Ton
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AD 30T Technical Parameters









Direct Drive Mechanism For Injection


Highly responsive and high speed injection control is achieved with direct-drive structure mechanism as the core of the injection
High response ,low inertia servo motor with corresponding low inertia load design to achieve the aim of the actual closed cycle and high acceleration.
Applied rotation mechanism for the injection unit,which is more convenient for disassembling screw components and effectively reduce the operation time.
Equipped with high-precision encoder and injection pressure sensor,which could control screw position with accuracy and stabilize rubber melting,injection .pressure holding and back pressure operation.
Content-rich standard configuration

Heat cover
Adopt double-deck heat cover of
stainless steel.Reduce energy
consumption of heating system.
Avoid operator be scalded due
to mishandling.
Injection safety protector
Reasonable design which avoids operator
being scalded due to mishandling and
facilitates operation,greatly improves work
Material clean-up plate
Configured stainless steel cleaning
plate under the nozzle to facilitate
waste removal,avoiding waste being left
on the gap of machine while clean-up operation
Jess troubled during maintenance.
Chute type erecting bed for hopper
Humanized design .easily installed;
Adopts high-quality steel.stronger
and make it more durable ,safely
and reliably to use.
Color touch display
15 inch HD color touch display ,
its clear image makes it handy to operate,
rotatable design which is more convenient
for technical operation.
Three-color alarm light
When emergency occurs,the device will
remind you what kind of situation by
different colors ,you can cope with urgent
situations more easily,greatly increase the
production management efficiency.


Injection speed controlled


Applied low inertia load design which could strengthen basic characteristics of injection speed responsiveness and low speed injection traceability.


Optimized plate design 

Stress concentration plate design unifies clamping force of the mold bears.improving the issues of inadequate venting and nonuniform of pressure on mold surface.what occurs on traditional toggle machines,significantly increasing the mold service life.


Direct-drive closing mold
Direct drive mechanism,quick response
for opening and closing mold.excellent
protection for low pressure.
High standard clamping unit
High standard clamping force
and parallelism adjustment are
achieved with stable clamping
state and reduced mold losses.
Support plate
High wear resistance and low
friction of the movable plate
supports sliding block, extends
mold service life.
Full-automatic lubricating device
Reduce co&t of maintenance。


Fixed plate structure
Optimized fixed plate structure.
reduces the tilting deforming of plate
Stress concentration moving plate
Optimized moving plate structure,
significantly improving the precision
of locking face.
Machinery safety bar
Reliable machinery safety bar.
High strength frame design and adopt
thick wall structurs stesl components,
reducing the vibration of fast opening
and closing.


In Response To Diversified Plastics

With requirement of higher heat resistance for high-precision molded parts and the advent of plastics products that can substitute metal parts.the performance requirements of the molded products are increaing.Depending on the characteristics of the resins,from PO with long molding cycle to PC for optical lenses and ABS for structural parts.spdcially designed and developed screws by Anslrength based on factors such as resin heating temperature and injection speed may be used.together with specialized screw components with special material.special processing and special treatment.


Screw Options Of Various Types


Diversified Products

Please tell us, what specifications of injection molding machine do you need?

Please tell us, what specifications of injection molding machine do you need?




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