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What is a Two-color Injection Molding Machine? Analysis of Production Needs and Applications

May 20.2022

two-color injection molding machine

The world has become colorful because of colors. From the perspective of feeling beauty, the design of products with multiple colors is inevitably more visually effective than single-color products. By the same token, plastic injection molding products are not always single-color injection molding, and nowadays two-color injection molding machines are also widely used.

In this article, you will learn about:

  1. What is a two-color injection molding machine

  2. How a two-color injection molding machine works

  3. The production requirements of two-color injection molding machine

  4. Product applications of two-color injection molding machine

  5. The development trend of two-color injection molding machine



What is a two-color injection molding machine?

Two-color injection molding machine, as the name implies, is an injection molding machine that can produce two colors of plastic products. The two-color injection molding machine injects two different colors of raw materials into the two-color mold to produce two-color plastic products with certain shapes and even patterns. Many kinds of two-color plastic products used in our daily life today are made by two-color injection molding machine, such as a toothbrush, a toy, a keyboard, etc.


The working principle of two-color injection molding machine

The two-color injection molding machine has two barrels which are the same as the normal barrels in terms of use and structure, but the difference is that each of the two barrels has its own channel with opening and closing valves, and the channels are connected to the nozzles. After the plasticization of the raw materials in the two barrels, the opening and closing valves control the proportion of material used in each barrel and the sequence of discharge, which is then injected into the mold cavity through the nozzles to produce different types of two-color plastic products.


Production requirements of two-color injection molding machine

In terms of materials, the pair of materials for two-color injection molding must meet the two most basic compatibility conditions of adhesive compatibility and process compatibility. In the process, the melting point of soft and hard plastic double injection must have a temperature gap, this gap is generally around 30 °, to 60 ° is better, and the melting point temperature of the first injection material should be high. At the same time, in order to ensure the adhesion of soft and hard adhesives, it can be achieved by making grooves or widening the contact area.

In transparent and non-transparent twin-shot design, the first shot of twin-shot design for small lens is non-transparent and the second shot makes the lens; while in decorative twin-shot design, the first shot is non-transparent and the second shot is transparent material.


Product application of two-shot injection molding machine

In our daily life, we can see the existence of two-color plastic products everywhere, and the products of two-color injection molding machine are now used in daily necessities, cell phones, automobiles, stationery, home appliances, decorative products, etc., and will cover a wider range of fields in the future.


The development trend of two-color injection molding machine

In recent years, with the increasing demand for multi-component products in domestic industrial and consumer goods industries, two-color injection molding technology has become the focus of research, especially in the automotive consumer goods and household appliance industries, which are closely related to people's daily life, such as Skyworth, Haier and other home appliance manufacturers, Yanfeng Visteon, Lear, Johnson Controls and other auto parts manufacturers, are developing and applying two-color injection molding technology. At present, two-color injection molding technology has been able to meet the requirements of the combination of two or more colors of plastic, high precision products, products with beautiful appearance. China has accumulated some technical experience in the application of two-color injection molding machines, and manufacturers have accumulated rich sales experience in the field of two-color and sandwich mixing molding, and have developed and applied electric two-color injection molding machines, rotary shaft two-color injection molding machines, turntable two-color injection molding machines, mixed-color two-color injection molding machines, sandwich two-color injection molding machines, etc.

Our two-color injection molding machine applies right-angle structure and installs independent sub-injection table, oil pump, motor, control system and injection device to ensure that the machine can take single-material production mode at any time and is easy to operate; the clamping part of the template is made of high-quality ductile iron through finite element analysis, and the tail plate and second plate are connected by hinge lugs, which reduces the accumulated error and increases the rigidity of the whole machine and the use of the machine plate. The cumulative error is reduced, the rigidity of the whole machine is increased, and the service time of the plate is extended. The injection part is made of nitrided melt screw and barrel with strong wear resistance, and the electronic ruler is used to control the injection position, and the injection flow valve is used to drive the position feedback, so as to guarantee the repeatability and accuracy of the injection speed. In addition, two-color injection molding machine is widely used in the production of automotive parts, energy-saving lamp head, golf ball, eyeglass bracket nosepiece, LED bracket manufacturing and other metal body products molding operations. The technical application of two-color injection molding machine in China has realized fully automatic operation process, high efficiency, low cost, durable machine, beautiful surface, chrome-plated and rust-proof, and the power part is utilized by oil pressure motor, which can also be installed with higher configuration according to the specific requirements of customers for products.

The continuous innovation of two-color injection molding machine makes two-color injection molding technology also gradually improve and perfect. The development of two-color injection molding equipment from European and American manufacturers has become mature. In the future development and application process, two-color injection molding technology will be combined with other technologies to bring more economic benefits to manufacturers. In addition, in future research, the research and application of simultaneous injection molding technology will be strengthened; the number of scrap will be reduced; the secondary processing and assembly process after the previous injection molding will be reduced, etc. The development of two-color injection molding technology and the improvement of two-color injection molding machine bring more complex multi-color injection molding, thus leading the research and development of multi-color injection molding machine. The increasing demand for colorful and high-quality plastic products has led the injection molding industry to gradually strengthen the research on high-quality, high-performance two-color products or multi-color products.



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