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Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine: You Need to Know

Jul 07.2021
Hydraulic injection molding machine
Hydraulic injection molding machine is an important category of injection molding machine. Injection molding machine, also known as injection machine. It is the main molding equipment that uses plastic molding molds to make thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics into various shapes of plastic products. The injection molding machine can heat the plastic and apply high pressure to the molten plastic to inject and fill the mold cavity.
What's The Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine
Hydraulic injection molding machine is a large injection molding machine. The action of the hydraulic injection molding machine is to control every action of the injection molding machine by controlling the flow, pressure and direction of the hydraulic power source. Hydraulic injection molding machines first appeared in the late 1930s and once occupied a dominant market position, but since the introduction of all-electric injection molding machines in the 1980s, their dominance has been affected. However, depending on your specific needs and electricity bills, hydraulic presses may still be the best choice for this job. This is also the main reason why hydraulic injection molding machines are always new and endless. Judging from the current development, hydraulic injection molding machines will still occupy a dominant position for a long time to come.
Ningbo and Dongguan have become important injection molding machine production bases in China and even the world.
Features of Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine
The characteristic of the plastic injection molding machine is that the hydraulic system must provide reliable performance for many years in a continuous, all-weather production cycle. There are many motion control sub-circuits for mold clamping, nozzle approach, extruder screw rotation and screw injection insertion. The rotation and pushing of the screw requires extremely stable motion to smoothly move the granular plastic material to the heated plasticized state, and then enter the mold.

hydraulic injection molding machine
Advantages of full hydraulic injection molding machine
Very suitable for the production of high-volume parts, highly complex parts (automotive industry), high-tech product components with perfect surfaces, or thick-walled parts:
Suitable for driving core pulling and valve gate;
The basic price is usually lower than similar full motors;
Faster return on investment due to high availability and low cost of spare parts;
Opportunity to obtain better injection speed, precise injection and high level of process stability;
Large injection volume;
Excellent clamping force;
The higher wear resistance of hydraulic components;
A large machine with a small footprint;
Low replacement parts cost and high availability, thereby reducing maintenance costs;
Due to the popularity of this method, there are many units available in the second-hand market.

Disadvantages of full hydraulic injection molding machine
Because the hydraulic injection molding machine is very powerful, it consumes a lot of energy even when it is idle. They require higher molding temperatures and longer cooling times, and because of the risk of fluid leakage, they are not suitable for clean rooms.
Hydraulic injection molding machines are also noisier than all-electric injection molding machines. Although the accuracy of the hydraulic press will increase with the increase of the clamping force and the improvement of the control system, there are still some gaps.
hydraulic injection molding machine
Recommendations of Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer
With the development of my country's injection molding machine industry and the improvement of its technical level, my country's injection molding machines have rapidly improved in quality and performance, gradually replacing foreign products in the high-end market. After years of technology introduction and innovation, the production level of the injection molding machine industry has been basically the same as that of developed countries. With its labor price advantage, China's injection molding machines account for half of the global export market.
Log Machine is an excellent representative of a manufacturer of hydraulic injection molding machines, located in Ningbo, China. The clamping force of LOG hydraulic injection molding machine covers 90T-4000T. With strong independent research and development capabilities and strict quality supervision system, it has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, high pressure and high speed, precision and stability. Especially to meet the production needs of various customers with the concept of "customization".
Maritime is Log's high-precision hydraulic injection molding machine brand, with a clamping force covering 60T-550T. Committed to the production of automotive precision parts, medical products, food packaging products, etc., high quality, precision, efficiency, and energy saving are the principles of every maritime employee. Creating greater value for customers is the goal pursued by each of us.
You can check our hydraulic injection molding machine products and other products, you can also contact us, get in touch with us, get the latest product information and professional help. We will serve you wholeheartedly.
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