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Servo Injection Molding Machine: What You Need to Know

Jan 19.2022

servo injection molding machine

More and more manufacturing companies are choosing to purchase servo injection molding machines to run their business. Purchasing an injection molding machine is a very important investment, and most companies spend a very large amount of money to choose a servo injection molding machine. Why choose a servo injection molding machine? This article will discuss the specific advantages of servo injection molding machine.


The difference between servo injection molding machine and standard injection molding machine

Normal injection molding machine: It keeps operating, even if the machine action stops, the motor keeps rotating.

Servo injection molding machine: Each different action is powered by the corresponding power, and the servo motor will stop completely even if the machine does not move.

In contrast, servo energy saving system divides the power system of injection molding machine into 6 major elements, namely servo motor, encoder, gear pump, servo driver, pressure sensor and drive control module. Among them, the drive control module is the key and core that distinguishes it from the traditional injection molding machine. Its specific working process and key technologies can be summarized as follows

  1. The servo driver accepts the pressure (P) and flow (Q) commands issued by the injection molding machine controller and converts them into speed commands to be transmitted to the servo motor. The servo motor drives the gear pump to rotate, while the gear pump outputs the pressure flow rate as instructed, while the pressure sensor collects system pressure information and feeds it to the servo driver, and the servo motor feeds the rotational speed information to the servo driver. Subsequently, the servo driver feeds the actual pressure and flow information to the injection molding machine controller through conversion. By comparing the actual flow rate and pressure with the commanded flow rate and pressure, the injection molding machine controller adjusts the commanded flow rate and pressure in a timely manner, thus realizing closed-loop control.

  2. The response speed of the servo system can reach 0.03ms, which is much faster than the response speed of 0.3ms of the variable pump, thus significantly improving the control accuracy.

  3.  Another key design point of this system is the selection of a suitable servo system for the injection molding machine. Here, this injection molding machine changes the design method of injection molding machine power configuration: the power configuration of the injection molding machine is selected directly from the product requirements, and the pressure, flow rate and time requirements are listed for each step of injection molding, so that the actual power required for each step can be calculated, and then the power for the whole cycle can be calculated to determine the selected servo power configuration. The advantage of this is that the power requirements are reinforced and clarified from the details of each step so that they not only meet the production requirements of the products, but also happen to be able to fully meet the production requirements, thus controlling energy waste from the source and achieving energy-saving effects.


Important advantages of servo injection molding machine

Compared with ordinary injection molding machines, servo injection molding machines have the following distinct features and advantages.

  1. Good clamping force

  2. Less power consumption

  3. Faster cycle time

  4. Quiet machine for clean room molding

  5. Amazing accuracy in position, pressure and speed

There is no doubt that these advantages can lead to higher cost-effectiveness and productivity. If there are advantages and disadvantages of servo injection molding machine, then it should be that his purchase cost is a little bit more expensive than normal injection molding machine.


How to choose a servo injection molding machine

  1. Power and torque

    First of all, you should choose a servo system with higher power and torque, which will directly affect the overload capacity when the high pressure action, you can test the limit performance of the machine by physical, for example: use the highest pressure for a long time load, and test the state of the machine after many cycles.

    At present, the servo motor magnets have M, S, H, SH grade difference, SH is the highest level, and the magnetic flux is the largest (that is, the number of magnetic lines per unit area), high torque output is more advantageous, its overload capacity is good; avoid the use of cheaper servo systems, because the servo system for a long time overload, the servo motor will be easy to demagnetization phenomenon, so that the power of the machine appears to decline .

  2. Motor and oil pump

    Concerned about the motor and oil pump coupling, whether the use of reliable couplings and bracket structure, because the servo motor in the process of operation will be frequent acceleration, deceleration, braking, reversal, and are completed within a few dozen milliseconds, which will affect the drive process of axial concentricity and buffering, from then on affect the motor bearings, oil pump life.

  3. Displacement and rotation speed

    Concerned about the oil pump displacement, speed and other data affecting the operational efficiency of the machine, the greater the displacement of the oil pump at the same speed, the higher the operational efficiency of the machine, in the oil pump displacement selection should consider the highest flow output requirements and the relationship between speed, in order to ensure the highest flow output requirements, it is recommended that the speed design within a reasonable safety range to ensure the reliability and service life of the servo drive system, low speed design also bring faster response speed, but this will increase the cost of the machine, involving the price positioning of the machine.



There is no doubt that choosing the right servo injection moulding machine is very important to start your business. Log Machine is a leading injection moulding machine manufacturer in China, producing and manufacturing industry leading servo injection moulding machines, welcome to view our servo injection moulding machine products and contact us to talk with our professional injection moulding machine team.


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