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Plastic Mouse Making Machine


Plastic Mouse Moulding Machine Description

Are you looking for a machine dedicated to the production of plastic mouse? As a professional injection molding machine manufacturer, we have been selling affordable plastic mouse molding machines to customers around the world. We have various models of injection molding machines for you to choose from, which can meet your individual needs. We have a professional overseas sales team and technical engineers, if you need us to serve you, welcome to contact us.


  • Machine Model: Log 130 Ton
  • Clamping Force: 1300 Kn
  • Part: Mouse
  • Cavity: 2



Plastic Mouse Injection Molding video


Recommended Plastic Mouse Molding Machine Parameters:

Model LOG-130
International Recognition Number 416/130
Injection System A B C
Theoretical Volume 215 263 302
Actual Injection Volume 196 239 274
6.9 8.4 9.6
Injection Speed 97 118 163
Injection Rate 46 60 75
Screw Diameter 38 42 45
Injection Pressure 193 158 138
Aspect Ratio 22:1 20:1 4&1
Screw Stroke 190
Screw Speed 180
Clamping System      
Clamping Force 1300
Mold Opening Stroke 380
Template Size 610 吒 10
Connecting Rod Inner Distance 410*410
Bulk Modulus 150-430
Template Maximum Stroke 810
Hydraulic Ejection Stroke 120
Hydraulic Ejection Force 42
Power / Electric Heat      
Hydraulic System Pressure 17.5
Oil Pump Motor 11/18.2
Electric Heat 7.7
Number of Heating Control Zones 4+nozzle
Cycle Time 1.3
Fuel Tank Capacity 200
Mechanical Dimensions 4.6*1.2*1.8
Theoretical Machine Weight 3550


About the Price of Plastic Mouse Molding Machine?

The final price of the plastic mouse manufacturing machine should be quoted according to the specifications and configuration selected by the customer, but our price will definitely make you affordable. In the same industry, our price is more reasonable.

If you need to buy or consult the quotation of plastic mouse injection molding machine, please contact us!


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