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Log Machinery is a leading manufacturer of injection molding machines with a wide reputation in the Japanese market, and we offer the latest products such as high-quality servo injection molding machines, variable displacement pump injection molding machines, and all-electric injection molding machines. We have offices and agents all over the world, providing you with the fastest and best 7*24 rapid response service, providing you with the best injection molding machine solutions.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Stable and Efficient

    It is the label that every Log injection molding machine has, and it is the best proof of Log's strength.

  • 7*24 Fast Service

    Professional technical and sales teams are at your service 24/7 to help you meet various business challenges.

  • Customized Service

    Customize the most professional injection molding solutions for customers to meet the needs of customers.

  • In Stock

    You can communicate with our sales staff immediately to meet your needs quickly

Do you want to buy injection molding machine in Bangladesh?

log-machine is an injection molding machine brand from China. Specially manufacture and sell high-quality injection molding machines for buyers from overseas. In order to provide better services, log-machine has established distributors and service stations in more than 20 countries.

The types of injection molding machines we provide are:

Whether you are a distributor or a factory, we are willing to cooperate with you. To provide you with high-quality, low-price injection molding machine products. If you need to represent our products or want to buy, please contact us!

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