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How to Choose Servo Injection Moulding Machine

Dec 16.2021

servo injection molding machine

There are many kinds of servo injection moulding machines in the market, but there are big differences in technical configuration. We found through market research that some injection moulding machine users reflect that when using some brands of servo injection moulding machines, they feel that the power is not enough, and they cannot compare with the variable pump models.Through understanding of the models, it is found that the main reason is that the power configuration is not enough. Regarding some of the phenomena in this industry and users’ questions, let’s take a look at some of the characteristics and key points of the servo drive injection molding machine.


What is servo injection molding machine

In a servo injection molding machine, a servo motor is used instead of an ordinary AC motor. Servo motors can be used for all drives of the machine, such as pump motors and injection drives.

What is "servo"?

"The word "servo" is derived from the Greek word meaning "slave" and is interpreted in modern industry as a follow-me system, a system that fulfills a command requirement. In the application of injection molding machine, the servo system receives the command signal from the computer, and changes the speed and torque of the servo motor to achieve accurate speed and pressure control, and during the execution process, the servo system corrects and compensates through the rotary variable pressure encoder and pressure sensor detection feedback, which means the speed and pressure are closed-loop controlled, so that the injection molding machine runs stably and the products have a high qualification rate.


The Advantages of Servo Injection Molding Machine

  1. Energy saving

    At present, the injection molding machines we use are facing an extremely serious problem, that is, the high energy consumption of injection molding machines. How to save energy consumption and reduce costs is crucial. Servo energy-saving injection molding machines are full of many advantages compared with conventional injection molding machines after transformation.

    Servo energy-saving injection molding machine can effectively reduce the energy use of the injection molding machine, in an injection molding machine, the entire motor power consumption can account for more than 80% of his entire power consumption. Electricity waste is extremely serious, and due to the high cost of electricity, the loss of electricity is a great problem.

  2. Life span

    Servo energy-saving injection molding machine can effectively control the flow of electricity needed at each moment according to the actual working environment of the accommodation system, thus reducing the cost of electricity for the enterprise on other lines. And in the injection molding machine is not action, but also can completely prohibit the operation of the machine, but also to ensure the life of the machinery. 

    Conventional injection molding machines require long hours of uninterrupted operation during the production process to meet production requirements. However, the daily operation efficiency of injection molding machines is relatively low, which can seriously affect the production efficiency of enterprises. But the servo energy-saving accommodation can effectively use the current and voltage control technology, so that the injection molding machine can be stable and high-speed operation, thus enhancing its production efficiency.

  3. Easy maintenance

    The most critical thing is that the conventional injection molding machine in the daily use process due to high energy consumption, the machine is easy to produce damage. After the damage, the whole equipment must be replaced in order to reuse, but servo energy-saving injection molding machine only needs to replace the damaged drive with a new one and then it can work. It is easy to replace and highly productive. This is the broad future prospect of servo energy-saving injection molding machine.


How to choose a servo injection molding machine

How to choose servo injection molding machine to play the advantages of energy saving, stability and reliability?

  1. Power and torque

    First of all, you should choose a higher power and torque servo system, which will directly affect the high pressure action when the overload capacity, you can test the ultimate performance of the machine by physical, for example: the use of the highest pressure for a long time load (recommended not less than 40 seconds), after cycling many times to detect the state of the machine.

    At present, the servo motor magnets have M, S, H, SH each grade difference, SH is the highest level, and the magnetic flux is the largest (that is, the number of magnetic lines per unit area), high torque output is more advantageous, its overload capacity is good; avoid the use of cheaper servo systems, because the servo system overload for a long time, the servo motor will be prone to demagnetization, and thus the power of the machine appears to decline.

  2. Motor and oil pump

    Concerned about the motor and oil pump coupling, whether the use of reliable couplings and bracket structure, because the servo motor in the process of operation will be frequent acceleration, deceleration, braking, reversal, and are completed within a few dozen milliseconds, which will affect the drive process of axial concentricity and buffering, from then on affect the motor bearings, oil pump life.

  3. Displacement, speed and cost

    Concerned about the oil pump displacement, speed and other data affecting the operational efficiency of the machine, the greater the displacement of the oil pump at the same speed, the higher the operational efficiency of the machine, in the oil pump displacement selection should consider the highest flow output requirements and the relationship between speed, in order to ensure the highest flow output requirements, it is recommended that the speed design within a reasonable safety range to ensure the reliability and service life of the servo drive system, low speed design also brings faster response speed, but this will increase the cost of the machine, involving the price of the machine positioning issues.


Problems of some servo injection molding machines

Servo injection molding machine is currently the mainstream form of servo motor drive oil pump to achieve the corresponding mechanical action, when the injection molding machine in the drive, motor, oil pump and other major power unit matching "too small", then the pressure will not go on the phenomenon of speed decline, the situation is serious when the motor heats up sharply, motor overload protection shutdown, seriously affect the production plan. This is mainly due to the mechanical design, product positioning, cost positioning and other reasons out of the bad phenomenon.


The above is a brief introduction of servo injection molding machine and how to choose the right servo injection molding machine, want to know more about the selection of injection molding machine, you can visit our injection molding machine website, or view our servo injection molding machine on the product.

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