Guild to All-Electric Injection Molding Machine

Guild to All Electric Injection Molding Machine

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More and more manufacturing companies are taking notice of all-electric injection molding machines and their manufacturers. All-electric injection molding machines have been on the market for decades, and there are many benefits to using all-electric injection molding machines. While standard hydraulic and hybrid injection molding machines are still in use, many major injection molding machine manufacturers are beginning to focus on building all-electric injection molding machines. This is especially true as technology continues to advance and all-electric molding machines, which were previously too expensive to build for larger tonnages, become more common. Today we'll talk about the features and benefits of all-electric injection molding machines.


What is an all-electric injection molding machine

An all-electric injection molding machine is a process injection molding machine where all power is supplied by electricity. All electric injection molding machines do not have a central motor, but use individual motors designed for each function required by the entire machine, i.e. mold opening/closing, injection, recovery and ejection. This means that the motor can be left idle until its specific function is required. It is currently gaining popularity in the market and is highly preferred mainly because it offers performance that cannot be achieved by a fully hydraulic injection molding machine.


Features of all-electric injection molding machines

  • Stable injection performance

    In contrast, the dynamic technical parameters of all-electric injection moulding machines are basically free from the interference of external factors, and the moulding parameters stored in the computer are always in line with the actual moulding conditions, so the injection performance is stable. .

  • High efficiency

    The application of servo motor improves the responsiveness of the system. The molding time is only 1/3 of that of a fully hydraulic injection molding machine. Since each actuator of an electric injection molding machine is driven by an independent servo motor independent of the system, it is able to perform compound actions, for example, simultaneous ejection during mold opening and simultaneous mold closing during plasticization, thus greatly increasing productivity.

  • Water saving

    Since the all-electric injection molding machine does not use hydraulic oil and only requires cooling water out of the filling port, the amount of cooling water used can be reduced by 70% compared to hydraulic injection molding machines with load-sensitive pumps, and by 90% compared to hydraulic injection molding machines with ordinary dosing pumps.

  • Optimization of working environment

    Since no hydraulic oil is used, the working environment can be kept clean and the noise of the machine can be more than 10dB lower than that of a fully hydraulic injection molding machine. While optimizing the working environment, the area occupied by the injection molding machine is saved by 15% due to the elimination of the hydraulic system.


What is the difference between all-electric and hydraulic injection molding machines? 

Electric injection molding machines consume energy only when a given action is required and match the motor output to meet the requirements, unlike conventional hydraulic injection molding machines that consume energy continuously even when idle.

Instead of being driven by a hydraulic system, electric injection molding machines are digitally controlled by high speed and efficient servo motors to drive the entire process. Each axis is controlled by an independent motor for injection, extrusion, clamping and ejection.

The result is an injection molding process that is faster, cleaner, more repeatable and more energy efficient. Electric injection molding machines can reduce energy consumption by 50 to 75 percent compared to hydraulic models.

Due to the recent increase in electricity costs in the industry, all electric injection molding machines are becoming more popular to save money on electricity, which ultimately leads to lower overall operating costs.


Advantages compared to fully hydraulic injection molding machines

  1. Energy saving

    Since each movement of an electric injection molding machine is controlled by a corresponding servo motor, all other control motors are not required to run when a certain production movement is performed, thus saving power consumption significantly.

    Generally speaking, the power consumption of all-electric injection molding machine is only 1/3-1/4 of that of all-hydraulic injection molding machine, plus the former all-electric injection molding machine does not use hydraulic oil, which eliminates the cooling step of working oil, thus significantly reducing the use of cooling water, which can greatly reduce the production cost for manufacturers.

  2. High responsiveness and stability

    Since all electric injection moulding machines are driven by servo motors, they have high speed and precision, and do not use hydraulic oil, so that the process parameters are not affected by oil temperature changes, so they have high stability in the production process.

  3. Low noise

    The low noise characteristic of all-electric injection molding machine not only benefits workers, but also can reduce the investment construction cost in the soundproof production workshop.

  4. Cleanliness and safety

    Since all-electric injection molding machines do not use working oil, there is no environmental pollution caused by oil leakage from machinery, and the possibility of fire is greatly reduced.

  5. Long-term cost savings

    Based on energy saving and stability, the maintenance cost and energy cost of all-electric injection molding machine can save a lot compared with hydraulic injection molding machine, and the energy cost will continue to rise. With proper maintenance and care, a quality injection molding machine should last up to 20 years. Therefore, you need to ensure that you purchase an all-electric machine from an established and reputable injection molding machine manufacturer.



Many of our customers prefer all-electric injection molding machines because of various advantages.

  • Clean
  • Low energy consumption
  • High precision
  • High speed
  • Continuous technological advances

If you need to buy an all-electric injection molding machine, you can choose Anstrength's all-electric injection molding machine. Anstrength is an all-electric injection molding brand under NINGBO CHUANGJI MACHINERY CO.,LTD. Focus on the manufacture of high-precision products such as optics, precision electronics, medical treatment, and precision connectors. Its excellent precision and high injection speed make it a leader in the high-end machinery industry. It is currently the leading brand of direct-drive all-electric injection molding machines .

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