Treatment of excessive temperature of injection Molding Machine
Sep 18.2018

Treatment of excessive temperature of injection Molding Machine


(1) according to different load requirements, check regularly, adjust the pressure of relief valve to make it appropriate.

(2) reasonable selection of hydraulic oil, especially the viscosity of oil, and the use of lower viscosity to reduce the loss of viscosity friction when conditions permit.

(3) improve the lubricating condition of the moving parts to reduce the friction loss, reduce the workload and reduce the heat.

(4) improve the assembly quality and precision of hydraulic components and hydraulic system, strictly control the fit clearance of fit parts and improve lubrication conditions. The sealing material with small friction coefficient and the improved sealing structure are adopted. Reduce the starting power of the cylinder as much as possible to reduce the heat generated by the mechanical friction loss.

(5) additional cooling devices as necessary.


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