Tianjin International Plastic & Rubber Industry Exhibition(CPRE 2019)
Mar 08.2019

The 2019 Tianjin International Plastic Rubber Industry Exhibition (CPRE 2019) will be held in Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center, Tianjin from March 7 to March 10.

NINGBO CHUANGJI MACHINERY CO.,LTD will show two products, LOG170-S9 servo energy-saving injection moulding machine and AD140T-S135L all-electric injection moulding machine.

LOG  S9 series high-end servo injection moulding machine, through the optimization of the whole machine, S9 series injection moulding machine than the S8 series injection moulding machine has greatly improved the opening and closing accuracy and speed, has a stronger injection capacity, as well as more diversified product support. An air cup will be demonstrated in this exhibition.
Anstrength AD-T series all-electric injection moulding machine, with direct drive structure, high response speed, opening and closing die stop accuracy of less than 0.02mm, focuses on high-precision products manufacturing industries such as optics, precision electronics, medical, precision connectors and so on. In this exhibition, 26 nail slices will be demonstrated.



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