Operation point of plastic injection molding machine
Aug 28.2018

Operation point of plastic injection molding machine


The operation of injection molding machine before machine running

1. Before operating the injection molding machine, check the electrical control cabinet whether there is water and oil. If the cabinet be affected with damp, do not start machine. The maintenance personnel should blow the electric parts well then open the machine.

2. Before operating the injection molding machine, check the supply voltage whether fit, it should not over ±6% usually.

3. Check the emergency switch, front back safety door switch whether is normal. Check the rotation direction of electric motors whether as same as the oil pump.

4. Check each cooling pipes whether is smooth, add the cooling water into cooling water cover of oil coolers and barrel end.

5. Before operating the injection molding machine, check all active site of machine whether there will be lubrication oil, add the enough lubrication oil.

6. Open the heater switch and heat the all section of barrel. When each sections temperature reach the request, thermal insulation for a period of time, let the machine temperature trend to be stable. The temperature holding time is different according to different require of equipment and plastic raw material.

7. Add the enough plastic in hopper. Some raw material should be dry first according to injection the different request of plastic.

8. Cover the heat shield of barrel well so that save the power and delay the hear life and contactor life.

In the progress of injection molding machine operation

1. Do not cancel the role of safety door.

2. Pay attention to check the temperature of pressure oil, the oil temperature can not over the rule range. The work temperature of lubrication oil should be keep between 45-50℃, 35-60 ℃ range is suitable

3. Pay attention to adjust the stroke switch and avoid the machine produce hit when machine running.

The injection molding machine operation when machine run finish

1. After injection molding machine operation finish, clean the plastic in the machine barrel to avoid the material oxidation and long-term thermal decomposition.

2. The mold should be opened, let the toggle mechanism be in locking condition.

3. There should be hoist linkage in the workshop and carefully remove the mold to ensure the production safety.

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