Chinaplas Advantage Business Prospects - Ningbo Chuangji Machinery Co., Ltd.
Dec 17.2018

Chinaplas Advantage Business Prospects - Ningbo Chuangji Machinery Co., Ltd.

"Tailored, take the road of differentiation" - Ningbo Chuangji Machinery Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: 4.1E31) always uphold this concept,It now owns three brands of "LOG", "MARITIME" and "ANSTRENGTH" brand injection molding machines.To meet the ever-changing market changes and the different needs of high-level, precise and top customers,Such as COP lens, mobile phone lens, light guide plate, LED lamp head, network crystal head, electronic components, connectors and other plastic products and gas-assisted molding, water-assisted molding, micro-foam molding, in-mold labeling, in-mold decoration, powder injection molding, overmolding, ultra-thick-wall molding, multi-component technology, and various process combination lamp injection molding products.

LOG Hydraulic High-precision Injection Molding Machine is mainly used for the production of ultra-thin and micro-complex 3C electronic precision products,It is suitable for the production of precision plastic parts such as optical discs, mobile phone accessories, computer accessories, gears, connectors and optical lenses, and is particularly suitable for the production of thin-walled bodies with high dimensional accuracy and good dimensional stability.The main features of LOG Hydraulic High Precision Injection Molding Machine are:The special two-track rail structure for shooting is designed with precise guide, low resistance, fast shooting speed, and double outlet rubber injection cylinder design.The use of imported low-friction seals, small injection resistance, good sealing, and quick start-up.The injection speed reaches 220~280mm/s, and the power system is increased. The hydraulic response speed is within 30ms~50ms and the injection pressure is above 300Mpa.In order to cooperate with the high-pressure and high-speed production process, the screw barrel assembly is specially equipped with a double-bimetal barrel and a full-hard double-bimetal screw. It has a long service life and a good product stability.The template of the mold-clamping part is thickened to improve the rigidity of the mold-locking part, the deformation of the mold plate is small, the parallel deviation of the mold plate is smaller, the precision of the product is improved, the deviation of the mold opening and closing position is controlled within ±0.3 mm, and the degree of automation of the production is improved.

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