800 ton Injection Molding Machine
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800 ton Injection Molding Machine

Best 800 ton Injection Molding Machine for Sale

LOG Machine sells our proud 800-ton injection molding machine to the world. Log Machine has the leading injection molding machine technology. We focus on innovation and provide customers with more suitable and complete injection molding solutions.

Leading Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer in China

As a leading injection molding machine manufacturer in China, we have been working in the plastics industry for decades. We have an in-depth understanding of the plastic product needs of global customers and the specifications of plastic products in various industries. We build machines and provide better solutions. With this valuable experience, we provide high-quality injection molding solutions for various industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, home appliances, logistics, packaging, industrial components and more. We provide high-quality injection molding machines of various types and multiple tonnages, tailor-made for you.

Our Techical Advantages

competitive price

Optimize Costs

Suitable for a variety of industries, it will provide you with huge cost benefits.

high standard service

Groundbreaking Design

Maximum ability to provide solutions with the latest technology and capable partners.

leadign design

Tailored Solutions

Complete production solutions from small parts to large components

reliable quality

Reliable Quality

Using LOG Machine technology sets new standards in surface finish and functional integration.

expert solutions

Maximum Output

Extremely short cycle times and stable processes for very large batches

Technical Support

Low "Life Cycle Cost"

Injection molding machines for various industries with high-quality, durable components

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800 ton Injection Molding Machine

Model LOG-800
International Recognition Number (5580/800)
Injection System A B C
Theoretical Volume 2558 3195 3903
Actual Injection Volume 2327 2907 3552
81 101 124
Injection Speed 515 610 700
Injection Rate 272 355 472
Screw Diameter 85 95 105
Injection Pressure 218 175 143
Aspect Ratio 24.5:1 22:1 20:1
Screw Stroke  
Screw Speed 0-130
Clamping System      
Clamping Force 8000
Mold Opening Stroke 1000
Template Size 1450*1385
Connecting Rod Inner Distance 1030*940
Bulk Modulus 400-1000
Template Maximum Stroke 2000
Hydraulic Ejection Stroke 300
Hydraulic Ejection Force 200
Power / Electric Heat      
Hydraulic System Pressure 17.5
Oil Pump Motor 30+ 37/56+ 56
Electric Heat 49
Number of Heating Control Zones 6+ nozzle
Cycle Time 7.0
Fuel Tank Capacity 1500
Mechanical Dimensions 10.6*2 £*2.7
Theoretical Machine Weight 40000


High-end Processing Equipment

  • Log Machine currently has complete and advanced processing, testing and measuring equipment.

  • The perfect process and equipment ensure that the injection molding machine produced is accurate and fast.

  • Perfect delivery measures to ensure that you receive the goods in good condition.

  • Better effect, longer life, better after-sale service.




R&D and Production

  • Always adhere to the technology-leading development strategy, and continuously increase investment in R&D talents and R&D expenses.

  • making a manufacture plan. Carry out organizational management and production implementation.

  • Accurately grasp the production tasks, and arrange the procurement, storage and use of raw materials.

  • According to the production order, arrange the customization, storage and use of the packaging box.


Quality Inspection

  1. Responsible for the operation of the quality management system to ensure the high quality of products.

  2. Designate inspection standards, clarify inspection methods, inspection procedures and non-performing matters.

  3. Responsible for the collection, summary and analysis of customer satisfaction information, and take measures to improve and perfect the quality work.

  4. Ensure product quality can meet customer requirements.


Your Trusted Best Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer

Log Machine is a well-known injection molding machine manufacturer in China, offering extremely high quality and competitive prices, as well as decades of manufacturing and overseas sales experience. Our products will surely satisfy you. Contact us now for the latest discounted prices. Welcome to consult!

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