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The Best-selling Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer in Pakistan

Jun 18.2021

In Pakistan, choosing a good injection molding machine manufacturer is of great help to production. Choosing the right injection molding machine is one of the most important criteria for consistently and profitably manufacturing high-quality parts. Choosing products suitable for injection molding machines is the most important for buyers. The manufacturer recommends the appropriate machine and advises how to choose the machine. The first lesson the supplier gives the buyer.

As a developing country, Pakistan is developing rapidly in various industries, and its demand for injection molding machines is also increasing. However, there are many injection molding machine manufacturers in Pakistan, each of which can provide different types of injection molding machines with different efficiency and prices. How to choose the right injection molding machine manufacturer? Next, I will show you the three best-selling injection molding machine manufacturers in Pakistan.

Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer
Hi Tech
Hi Tech Plastics Engineering was established in 2014 and is an injection molding machine manufacturer from Pakistan. Since their birth, they have quickly become Pakistan's leading distributors. After years of hard work, they have formed a team of experienced and professional technicians. They are committed to providing excellent quality at reasonable prices.
At the same time, they distribute multiple overseas brands at the same time and can provide professional solutions. If you are interested, you can get in touch with them in the following ways.

address:Warehouse #1 Machinery Market, Sharif Garden, St. #1, opposite to Attock Gasoline Pump GT. Road, Salamat Pura, Daroghewala, Lahore.
phone:+92 423 655 7777
WeChat:+92 315 4782 666
LOG Machine

Log Machine

Log Machine comes from Yuyao, Ningbo, the kingdom of Chinese plastic products. It is a manufacturer specializing in high-tech injection molding machines. The sales network covers all parts of the world, providing all kinds of injection molding machines for Pakistan. The company focuses on personnel training and technology development. With strong independent research and development capabilities and strict quality supervision system, it has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, high pressure and high speed, precision and stability.

The development of more efficient, low energy consumption, and higher quality injection molding machines is the research and development goal of Lig Machine, creating greater value for customers. If you are interested, you can get in touch with them in the following ways.


Phone: +86-574-62523811,805

Fax: 0574-62523837

Mobile: +86 18605847957

Email: loginjmachine@logge.com.cn

Address: Simen Industrial Zone, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, China

WEB: https://www.log-machine.com/

Sunny Co

Sunny Co is an injection molding machine distributor established in Pakistan, and has been committed to providing high-quality injection molding machines and good services to Pakistani and overseas customers at affordable prices.

They place great emphasis on customer satisfaction. They will listen to the specific opinions of customers and give professional suggestions to help customers quickly produce high-quality products to meet the growing market demand. They focus on the continuous upgrading and diversified needs of injection molding machine customers.

If you are interested, you can get in touch with them in the following ways.


Email: sales@sunnyco.com.pk

Phone: +92-42-36544845

Address: Canal View, Harbunspura, Lahore, Pakistan



The injection molding machine has a wide range of uses and can be used in many fields and many additional product processing. Excellent injection molding machines can add a lot of benefits to production and add impetus to the development of the company and the industry.

If you need to buy injection molding machines in bulk, the choice of brand is very important. If you want to become a distributor and obtain benefits by buying injection molding machines in batches at a lower price, you need to consider the cost to obtain greater benefits. If you need help, you can contact us to solve your needs.

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Karim Khan
AOA, Plastic chares and washing mechine body making molding mechine prices? what about licens, need it or not? If yes how to get it?
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