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Three free service:

Free installation,Free machine testing, free technical training. 

Pre-sales service:

To provide customers  technical consultations such as plastic raw materials, machinery, mold and other aspects of knowledge ; to help customers provide product analysis and select reasonable model 

based on the product

And auxiliary equipment: Provide rationalization proposals according to the customer's overall layout of the workshop and the installation of machinery, water and electricity layout.

Sales service:

When the equipment arrived at the customer office, we provide free technical training to customer technical staffs about the installation of equipment ; explain the matters which need to take care,

Let the relevant staff of customers as soon as possible familiar with the operation and maintenance of the machine.

the installation of machinery, water and electricity layout.

After-sales service:

To resolve customer’s problem when in the shortest time; to provide with the latest industry information to customers. Regular customer visits, find problems and solve them in time.

No matter when your machine has problems, just a call, we will reply to you within 24 hours, hoping to provide you with convenient service in the shortest time.

Any questions about the machine maintenance and technical issues, you can send e-mail to us, we will provide you with satisfactory answers.

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