The 79th China International Medical Equipment Fair

China International Medical Equipment Fair was founded in 1979 which has become the biggest medical equipment , related service and product fair in the Asian-pacific region. Exhibition area exceeds 2200000 sqm, nearly 4200 firms take part in. It covers thousands of products including medical image,IVD, electronics,optics, first aid, rehabilitation care, mobile medical care, medical services, hospital construction, medical information technology, wearables, etc., which provides directly and full-service to medical equipment industry from A to Z on the whole medical industry chain.

 Maritime Km220-CP
Kmtion series injection molding machines can adapt to all known injection molding processes. Equipped with powerful Kmotion control system can be seamlessly integrated with different peripheral devices. A complete set of injection molding solutions can complete special product processes to achieve a wide range of applications.
Anstrength 110T-135L       

Direct drive structure, high response speed, opening and closing mold stopping accuracy up to 0.02mm, focusing on optical, precision electronics, medical, precision connectors and other high-precision product manufacturing industries, model clamping force covers 30T-380T. Its excellent accuracy and high firing rate make it based on the forefront of the high-end machine industry. It is currently the leading domestic brand of direct drive all-electric injection molding machines.


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