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Ningbo Chuangji Machinery Co., Ltd. has rich experience and popularity in the field of injection molding machines in China and abroad. It has created LOG brand hydraulic servo injection molding machine, LOG brand variable pump injection molding machine, MARITIME brand high-speed machine and Anstrength brand all-electric injection molding machine over last 10 years to meet the needs of diverse customers, also provides tailor-made service and professional solutions and schemes for customers.


LOG is a standard hydraulic injection molding machine brand, with 3 series like LOGA8, LOGS8, LOGS9 clamping force covers 90T-4000T, with energy saving, fast, stable and efficient features. In particular, "customized-made" concept to meet the production needs of various types of customers. 


Maritime is a brand of high-precision hydraulic injection molding machine, clamping force covers 60T-550T. Committed to produce automotive precision parts, medical products , food packaging products and so on.High quality, precision, high efficiency, energy saving is the principle of each Maritime staff, creating greater value for customers is our goal of each Maritime staff.

Anstrength all-electric INJECTION MOLDING MACHINE

Anstrength is the all-electric injection molding machine brand, focusing on the manufacturing of high-precision products such as optics, precision electronics, medical care and precision connectors. Clamping force covers 30T-380T. Its excellent accuracy and high injection speed make it at the top of the high-end machine industry. It is currently the leading direct-drive all-electric injection molding machine brand.

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